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20 thoughts on “About

  1. Could you detail all of the products you bought for painting? I.E., exactly which sandpaper, primer, paints, protective paints, etc. you bought and why? Your blog is very informative but more details would be great

  2. I’d love to know where exactly you got the electronics for this. I’m trying to mod my own table hockey and am finding that this is by far the hardest part: finding the exact parts that I need for the job. I’m particularly interested in the control box you used, the led lights, and the timer.

    • I picked them up from an old Sportscraft table I found on kijiji and ripped it out. I just happened to be in thr right place at the right time. I got mine for 10 bucks which is extremly rare. If you look on Kijiji regularly you may find one (Pick it up right away). They also go onsale for around 150 bucks from time to time.

  3. I have just got a vintage BOS (best of seven) all wood base DL100 table hockey game from 1980s. I am trying to locate a rod as a right wing rid is missing
    any ideas? and pucks!

    Scott glaser
    617 832 5700

  4. I have painted my Carron hockey players and used a clear coat. But the paint still chipped off of the sticks and skates. Is there anything out there that works the best for coating? What am I doing wrong?

  5. What was the dimensions for the playing surface? I was looking to make my own table in my high school wood shop class. I just need the playing surface and I will build the table around the surface.

  6. Love the way the table came out, I’m working on my table. Would love to be able to ask you for help along the way.

  7. I have a hard hitting hockey table by old school sports. 2 guys are broken at base, and missing the bar that is scoreboard. Selling cheap just to get out of my basement. Call me at 636-577-3799 for pics

  8. Thank you for your blog, I found parts for my sons’s hockey table! Also, what a nice hockey custom built yourself! Congrats!

  9. Do you still have any parts from the sportcraft table you got for the scoreboard. I just got a older model sportcraft table and it has a broken guy and a missing goalie. Now the players are the ones with the screws in their foot. Do you know if the guys from the site rod hockey are comparable? Also my table has one glass side missing not sure if you have anything your willing to part with but if so please let me know. Figured it was worth a shot. Im from outside Winnipeg so could pick up if you have anything.

  10. Hello!
    I just purchased a (used) Easton/Gamecraft table and found your blog while Google searching for parts. VERY COOL!!! I was just looking for blank players I could paint into Minnesota Wild and North Stars teams, but when I see what you did with your table the wheels started turning in my head! I’m jotting down a few questions I would like to run past you if you’re still out there. Thanks!
    Kind Regards,
    Tony L

    • First off thanks! I am still out here lol. I haven’t been updating the site for a while though since I’ve been busy these last couple years. What are your questions?

  11. Very nice, my boys and I are currently constructing a table ourselves. What kind of wood did you use for the boards? Thanks for your help

    • For the boards we cut the original sides down. For the corners my Father in-law glued a few pieces together. I’m glad to hear this is helping.

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