Stencils are ready.

Just got all but one of the stencils made for the table.

I spent a little time seeing what it will look like what when it’s all painted.

As you can see I finished the face off circles.



Face-Off Circles

I haven’t posted in a while. Mostly cause I spent about 2 weeks away form doing any work on the table.

Started taping the circles.

As you can see this took a long time. I was only able to do half.

Tomorrow I’m planing on doing the other half and the finishing the lines on the ones I did today.

Thank You

The blog has recently gone over 6000 views, and I have to say Thank You. This has helped me to keep motivated to keep going.

A special thanks to Paul Lukas at UniWatch, ( )
who mentioned my project and blog on his site.

Looking forward to finishing this project and helping anyone who wants to do a similar one.