Fully dissembled the table. One gear was missing and two were broken and one player had the peg missing from his skate. One of the gears I fixed. The other one had other problems, so I am now looking for 2 gears for a Gamecraft table. Spoke with some printing companies, they told me I would cost 150 to 200 Canadian Dollars to print the surface, I’m kind of favoring painting it with decals and then clear coating it. 

I’m off work for a week and a half during the holidays so I’m going to start the painting on the players that week. I’m very excited about this step.


The Idea

Hi there. I made this blog to document the transformation of my table hockey game.

Let me tell you were I am at this point. I have purchased a broken rod hockey game on Kijiji.ca for 10 dollars and am looking at some possibilities. These include replacing the 2 broken and 1 missing gears and 2  broken players that came with the table or super gluing the  broken pieces and replacing the missing piece. I am now looking at classifieds for Gamecraft table hockey games that are broken or other brand games that are made with the same patent.

I’ve taken apart most of the table because I plan on replacing the surface with a piece of  1/8″ plastic that would be printed with MTS Center graphics. Another option for this is to prime and repaint the existing surface, then using stenches paint the graphics on and then use clear coat to seal it. After this step is done I plan on adding boards and glass. I am still figuring out ways I can add this to the table.

Another part of this customization will be the custom painting the players as Jets vs Canadians.

Here are some pictures of where I am.