Weekend Painting

Well, I’ve done this part a few weeks ago but finally had the time this weekend to touch up the logo and make it look good.

What I did this time was I sprayed the light gray on, then I let it sit for about half an hour. This caused the paint to chip when I took off the vinyl stencil.

I’ve also added the first on ice advertising. I still got 3 more to go.


Hope to do the next ad tomorrow and then a bit more touch up on the logo.

Feel free to comment. By the way this site is now over 7000 views. If you have any questions feel free to ask as the purpose of this blog is to help others who decide to venture into this project.


Taking shape

I have finally gotten around to another step on the table hockey game.

As you can see I’ve added the plane on the logo.

Tomorrow I hope to add the light gray to it and them start on the circle.

Center Ice Logo


I have started the surprisingly hard process of aligning and then painting the stencils.

I started with the maple leaf. You will want to start with the color furthest back in the logo regardless of what team.


Once the first one is done let it dry for a day. The next day paint the next layer.


Next step will be to do the dark of the jet.