The Blackhawks Are In Town

Worked a bit on the Blackhawks this last couple weeks. I need to do a bit more touch up and then add the logos to get an authentic look.
Comment on what team I should do next!


Better pictures to come soon.


Picked Up a Team of Players

Yesterday I picked up a set of Gamecraft players and puck catcher from Rod Hockey Shop

Great guys and service. They have all kinds of replacement parts and players for Gamecraft and Sportscraft tables.

Check them out!

Scoreboard Is Up & Running


I have attached the scoreboard to the PVC pipe that I attached to the sides of the table. I used 1.25 inch diameter pipe and 90° elbows for the corners. To attatch the pipes to the table I used 2 bolts. To strap the scoreboard to the pipe I used 2 1.25 inch pipe brackets. I placed underneath those a half inch bolt spacer so that I can have access to the control panel on the top of the board.


Looking forward to using this at my fantasy football draft coming up in August!