Painting Update

Just some updates on my project. Started painting the skates on both teams. I have also begun painting the goalie for the jets team. The Canadians goalie is done and just needs a bit more touching up. Check out the pics. Also feel free to comment. I’m always looking for new ideas.






More painting……

Guess what I did today and yesterday……… Did you guess? That’s right. I painted. Here are some of the highlights.

You can see I started painting the skin and the sticks.

I decided to redo the color for the aviator blue on the Jets. picture. I found that mixing the new color I picked up on Saturday (which was still wrong) and the original color I got, made the proper blue. See if you agree.

I am still doing some touch up work.

Here is the Canadians goalie that I am still working on. I’m trying to paint his mask similar to Ken Dryden’s famous mask. I believe that Price wore a similar mask but I may be mistaken.

Well I’m going shopping tomorrow, but may do more tomorrow evening.

Got a Scoreboard!

I was able to pick up this beautiful table on Thursday. Most of the parts for it are useless to me. However this came with an amazing scoreboard set up, complete with sensors and commentary.

I stripped it down and may sell some of the parts to fund the table even though funding for this table is not a problem.

I will have more pictures of the scoreboard and wiring when I create a new housing for it. This step will be near the end of the project and for now is sitting in a shoebox labeled “scoreboard parts”.

The players are made with an identical mold. The only difference being that two players on each team have a shorter stick and the connecter on them is made of a longer piece of metal. I am hoping to cut this down and grind it in order to fit the gears on the Gamecraft table.


Today I began painting the Montreal Canadians players. I started with red and then had to go to dinner.


When I came back I started on the blue, but only got to do two of the players.


Primed and ready to go!

I’ve finally done it! The players are now ready for painting. Acrylic would have probably been fine but I used white enamel primer from a spray can. I may have to do one more layer but it will be a light one.


I’ve learned one lesson and that is when they say “spray in a well ventilated area.” they mean spray in a well ventilated area, not just open a window.




I plan on painting next week but I’ll see, I may start this week if I have some time.