Hockey Night In Canada


Today I found battery powered LED lights that are able to self adhere to the bottom on the scoreboard.





I also added home and away labels to the front of the board, as well as a “jumbotron”



7 thoughts on “Hockey Night In Canada

  1. I have an old Tudor Deluxe table hockey game and would like to have a couple of sheets of these decals. One for Montreal (or Detroit) and the other for Toronto. Would you be willing to send them to me in the USA?


  2. This table looks pretty sweet! I am in the process of making a custom table myself. I have painted my guys to be Blues and Blackhawks. I designed an ice surface to match the Blues Scottrade Center. I also designed the boards with ads and all that. I just sent those files to my brother who is printing them on a heavy duty vinyl and laminate. I will then apply the vinyl to the ice surface and boards when ready. I still need to do some modifying of my original boards to make rounded corners like you had to do. My table is a Carrom Elite 455. It has electronic scoring so I should be able to make a scoreboard and move the scoring overhead instead of at the playing ends.
    I like the goals with netting like yours, I plan to do that with mine as well. I don’t like how the netting wraps around the goal posts though. I purchased some steel rod and will be bending/welding my own goals so I can attach the netting behind the goal posts.
    I would love to throw ideas back and forth with you.
    My current struggle is deciding how thick of boards to use for the “boards” and how thick of plexi glass to use. What sizes did you use and is the glass pretty stable? I have 6 kids that this thing needs to hold up to.

    • Hey Brett,

      Thanks for commenting. I would love to see pics, even of the construction. I’d love the throw some ideas around. I’ll send you my email in a private message. About the glass I used plexiglass and hot glue. The plexiglass is durable however I’m finding the glue to dislodge easily. The main reason for this is because the glass behind the nets is too high I think. I mostly play with my friends ages 20s-30s and they forget the glass is there when returning the puck to play, myself included. I’m sure if you make the glass high 1 of your 6 will hit it if not all of them will at some point. I have talked with someone who used real glass but that may be a bad idea with kids. What I’m thinking of doing with mine is lowering our glass for about half a foot behind the net. On the sides plexiglass is working great.

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