Finished the boards. I used electrical tape for the red and yellow parts. It worked out well although there are
parts I would like to fix.

Moving on to building the casing for the scoreboard.


Board Ads & Glass


I have finished the ads on the boards for the table. I used Gimp to edit the logos and printed them using a laser printer. I then glued them on with a spray glue from Walmart. You can find this spray at any hardware or craft store.



I then used red electrical tape for the top trim on the boards and covered all the wood with it that was showing from when I shortened the boards. It looks fantastic. I still need to find some thin yellow electrical tape I can use for the bottom.


I added the glass for now to just see how it will look.

Cutting the Glass

I have begun cutting the glass. All I’m using is a ruler and an x-acto knife. I score the plexiglass 5-7 times, then bend the glass till it snaps. Make sure you watch for shards and bend it away from your face. It’s as sharp as glass. Keep looking for updates!



Keep in mind the glass is not in yet, I simply slipped the glass in the slot.

Surface is complete

Yesterday I finished the last coat of clear coat.

I have two steps done so I decided to take some pics with the players on the table.




I had also gone to Windsor Plywood to get some ash to bend, for the corner boards. It turns out they don’t sell long pieces of ash in Manitoba and the only way I can get it is if they shipped it in from BC. So I had to rethink my plan for the corners.

I came up with this.

A block of wood that will be flush with the boards and will be cut with a curve.

I’m actually thinking this may look better when I’m done and will be easier since I’ve never bent wood in my life.