Cutting the Glass

I have begun cutting the glass. All I’m using is a ruler and an x-acto knife. I score the plexiglass 5-7 times, then bend the glass till it snaps. Make sure you watch for shards and bend it away from your face. It’s as sharp as glass. Keep looking for updates!



Keep in mind the glass is not in yet, I simply slipped the glass in the slot.


10 thoughts on “Cutting the Glass

  1. very well done. i have a couple of these tables myself, but i have never thought of making it into a replica rink! I may look into making mine into a mini bell centre! two questions; after the glass is in, how are you going to secure it? i noticed you cut a bottom groove, but how are you securing the top? also, how exactly did you do the corners?

    • I will be making some sort of joint to secure the top. Not sure yet. I will also be filling in the groves with a hot glue gun or some sort of filler to secure the bottom.

      I cut the corners and then my father in law made the round corners. They were made connecting multiple pieces of wood together. Each piece was narrower on one end and together they make a bent piece of wood. The piece was then sanded to create a smooth surface.

      I hope that description helped. If not I can send you a picture of how we did it. I’m better at drawing things then describing them.

      • T would suggest using a clear latex for the glass seams. water based easy clean up. Post again when you have the joints for the top of the glass. The look of the table with the ‘glass’ inserts looks cool and adds a very realistic touch.

        A picture or drawing of how the corners were done would be great.

    • I do not recall the thickness of plexiglass. The slot for the glass is big enough that it can curve. It is a fun project. Keep me updated on yours!

    • I don’t recall the thickness. The grove in the boards was big enough that I could curve around the boards.

      • Wow awesome! Already got mine going! I sent it off to a graphic shop to do the ice. What did you use to clear coat it? I want something easy so I don’t bugger it up.

      • I just used a clear coat you can buy at Canadian Tire. I should do an updated material list post soon.

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