Supply list

Recently I have been asked to make a list of all the products I used for this project.

First off I have to say read and follow all safety labels before using the products.

Now for the first part of the project I sanded down the bumps and mold crease. I used 150 grit all purpose sandpaper. Any brand for this will do.

For the next part I primed the players using Rust-Oleum “painters touch white primer”. It’s multi use and you get a nice thick coat.

Next the brushes. I highly recommend getting small brushes. I bought 5/0, 3/0, 2/0, and 0. 5/0 is the smallest and I bought it at an art store here in Winnipeg called Artist Emporium. 3 bucks and it was worth it. The other 3 small brushes I got in a pack at Cellar Dweller hobby shop also in Winnipeg. Royal & Langnickel brushes are of good value and quality. I also got size 2, 4, and 6 for the surface of the table.

Now for the paints. I used two brands of enamel paints. Lets start with the Winnipeg Jets.

For the main part of the jersey I used Model Master “Blue Angel Blue”
For the blue trim on the jersey I used a mixture of Model Master “Ford & GM Engine Blue” and Testors “Flat Blue” in a mixture of 1:1.

Now the Canadians I used Testors “Gloss Dark Red” and “Dark Blue”.

Finally for both teams I used Testors “Wood” for the sticks. “Flat Black” for the skates. And “Cream” for there skin.

When that was all done and I added the decals I sealed them with Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear Gloss. I used this brand and type because if is decal paper friendly and can be used to seal the ink to the paper and to coat the players for protection.

Finally when that was all done I added plain old 3m hockey tape for there sticks.

I hope this was helpful for anyone who wants to do a project like this. I will have updates on products I used as I go on.


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