I haven’t updated in awhile because I’ve been waiting for the decal paper to come in. I ordered it on eBay since I was only a dollar a sheet instead of 25 dollars for 5 sheets. Because there is a delay I figured I’d give you a sneak peek at the stencils that will be used for the ice.





My friend who is cutting these for me is still in the process of cutting some more for me the we will begin the airbrushing of the ice.

I will give an update as soon as the decals come in and they are on the players.

If I have to wait another week I will show some of the scoreboard before I begin on it.


One thought on “Stencils

  1. Dude,
    What’s this project about? Looks super interesting. What are your end goals for this? Is it to setup a table hockey league? Is it for personal satisfaction? Just really curious, looks cool.

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