Sanding The Players

Today I began sanding my players so that they may be primed. This step is taking longer than I though. I’m finding it hard to get into some of the spaces. I’ve gotten 2 players and both goalies sanded.

There were some bumps on the players on there jerseys. I found that by not sanding those down completely I create what looks like creases.

The others part I am sanding down is the line from the mold. Check out the pics.




One thought on “Sanding The Players

  1. I have a similar table, so I am very interested in how these turn out and what materials[paint you use. We bought it new about 10 years ago (for just a liiiiiittle bit more than $10). I customized the boards, etc with stickers – that turned out nice. But I was disappointed in the crappy job I did on my players. The table’s been in storage for the past few years, but it’s coming back soon and I want to re-do my players’ paint jobs.

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